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Is Freelance Accounting An Option For Modern Accountants?



When you became an accountant, I’m sure that you envisioned yourself working in a world class firm, mentoring with the best chartered accountants the industry has to offer. However, with the growing times, we have progressed massively as a species and the world wide web is a platform that has given us border-less communication. Suddenly, over the past 5-10 years the world wide web garnered massive growth and now everything that we could ever want is right there on our fingertips.

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5 Financial Traps to Avoid As A Startup

A startup is defined as a business that is at it’s first stage of operations. Over the years, startups have become synonym to the fact of being super intense and hard-hitting because it does not run alongside the common rules of an established business. A startup is usually backed by investors while the business strives to develop a product or a service that they believe there is a demand for in the market.

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