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Here Are The Main Reasons Why Hiring A Financial Advisor Will Help Your Business Today

Building a business from scratch is no easy feat. Especially if you are on a budget constraint. Financial advisors are a group of people set in place to ensure that businesses get the money they need to thrive. However, it is known that a lot of business owners have not met a financial advisor. While a few more have no plans to meet one.

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Why Is It Important For Small Business Managers to Analyse Their Financial Reports?


Small businesses have been booming and coming up pretty rapidly over the past couple of years. With the advancement of technology and the borderless world of information, it has become so much easier to set up a small business and thrive from it. So what exactly does a small business mean? It might seem simple, but there are a few definitions out there. A small business today might mean a solo entrepreneur or a multi-million dollar e-commerce business!

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Consult U Gives Back!

Consult U, the brand and the company was born from a fundamental idea of wanting to help people and make lives easier for our clients. Being a service based company, we know the importance of ensuring that we constantly improve the level of service we are providing to our clients. This is the only way we can sustain so that we can continue being of service to all our amazing clients.

Because of that, the team here at ConsultU has realised that we also have the responsibility to give back to our clients and even potential clients and friends that might join us in this journey to reaching our goals. This is why we’ve come up with the Pledge 5-hours campaign! 

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4 Easy Tips For Managing Your Small Business Finances

There is no doubt that whenever someone starts a business, the one huge, looming thing on all their minds will of course be money. The art of managing business finances is one that requires a lot of patience and strategising. Proper financial management is absolutely crucial to surviving an economy that is volatile and also to make sure that you reiterate fast enough to stay on top of industry competition.

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Making Corporate Restructuring Work For Your Company


When one hears about corporate restructuring, their first thought is not one of positive thoughts. We are told to believe that when a company restructures, it’s in trouble and only dark days are ahead of them. However, if you look closely at large global companies, some of them are like huge ships that take a while to switch their courses as they are heavy and dense. This is a problem when the market today shifts and moves so quickly. Some large organisations always tend to follow routine – the whole “we used to do it that way” game that might prove to be their downfall if let be.

Therefore, to improve this process, some companies take on corporate restructuring as a way to fix it. Corporate restructuring is a process that will address and analyse the company’s status quo in the ever-evolving market that they are in, and makes a calculated, strategic decision to ensure that the problem is then fixed.


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4 Ways You Can Avoid Business Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy has long been a topic that no one in business would ever want to speak of. However, it has come to a point where we’ve seen so many companies sink and disappear thanks to mismanaged financials. Although according to a study made by the professionals at Dun & Bradstreet – saying that bankruptcy numbers have been declining, they are only declining over a small percentage in 2017. This means that a large number of companies are still hitting rock bottom and we as business owners need to be more open and vigilant about this topic.

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