Consult U Gives Back To YOU!

Based on our previous article, we introduced our new and awesome CSR program called the Pledge 5-hours! 

We truly do believe that giving back to the society is extremely important as they will be the next generation of leaders. However, this article is targeted to all the amazing budding businesses that need expert help to continue to strengthen their business.

Everyone needs a mentor, in life and in business.

Three Benefits of Having A Business Mentor

  1. Real Life Experience Sharing

When you have a business mentor, you have access to one of the most expensive assets in a business – experience. It is extremely crucial to the success of any business. Experience allows the person to be able to make different decisions based on previous choices made. This way, the room for success increases exponentially because of said previous choices.

2. Networking Opportunities

A mentor is someone that has been in the industry long enough to be respected as someone that can give their advice and be able to help businesses succeed. They have an unlimited network of people that can and will benefit your career. Never underestimate the power of a good warm introduction.

3. Reassurance

Quality mentorships brings about a super positive effect on entrepreneurs, especially the younger ones. When you have someone that completely understand the troubles you will face in the world of business, you will feel much better in general. To have someone who will placate your fears with their advice and experiences will keep you reassured that you are doing the right thing.


What Is The Mission of Pledge 5-Hours?

The team here at Consult U is pursuing to help underserved businesses and aspiring young entrepreneurs who are facing financial and growth challenges.


So How Do You Join?

Head on over to this link and apply for the program. We have attached the Program Criteria below and we also share with you the way it works for each business who is selected for the program.


Program Criteria!


We do hope that this program helps the right people and businesses because we really do believe in giving back.

Click this link to get started today!