Consult U Gives Back!

Consult U, the brand and the company was born from a fundamental idea of wanting to help people and make lives easier for our clients. Being a service based company, we know the importance of ensuring that we constantly improve the level of service we are providing to our clients. This is the only way we can sustain so that we can continue being of service to all our amazing clients.

Because of that, the team here at ConsultU has realised that we also have the responsibility to give back to our clients and even potential clients and friends that might join us in this journey to reaching our goals. This is why we’ve come up with the Pledge 5-hours campaign! 

So what is the Pledge 5-hours campaign?

This campaign is basically a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that promotes pro-bono consulting. Pro-bono consulting basically allows people that have certain skill sets and expertise to offer their services for free to those who are not able to afford these kinds of services because of monetary issues.

If you are a skilled professional or a manager, you can choose to contribute your time and skills to underserved businesses or budding entrepreneurs that are just starting out and would appreciate all the extra help they can get.


Why Should You Pledge To Help Underserved Companies?

Pledging your extra time to help another company chase their dreams is not something that will be done by everyone. However, our founder, who was a former director with a Big 4 international accounting firm witnessed many business owners facing severe financial challenges. It was then he realised that if only they had contingency plans and a consultant to help them along the way, they would have been able to handle the problems a lot better.

Troubled businesses were afraid to go and seek for help because they feared the stigma of failure if they asked for help and budget constraints were a real problem.

This is why we believe in ensuring that we give back to the society and to provide a platform to do so to make sure that the entrepreneurial spirit stays for the future of the society.

Get To Know Some of Our Advisors



What Benefits Do You Get As An Advisor?

There are of course a lot of benefits when you sign on to be an advisor, some of them are :


  1. You will be able to feel the satisfaction by giving back to the community and have your knowledge shared with multiple people.
  2. You are going to be working with some of the leaders of the next generation and you will be able to leave your mark in these young talents.
  3. The networking opportunities are abundant as you will be working with fellow advisors of your caliber.


How Do You Sign Up? 

Now that you’re convinced that you would love to give your time to Pledge 5-hours, you can sign up to be one of our esteemed advisors today.



If you feel like this is something that you would like to work on, sign up today and start coaching the next generation of leaders!