Do you want to continue as an employee or become an independent professional?

Nearly every day of our lives, we engage in one type of work or job or the other in order to earn our living.

Some people are dynamic; which mean it changes from time to time while others are static and more like a routine. People spend greater amount of their time at work and have little or no time for themselves and their loved ones.

Having a work to do or job is awesome but the effect of the time it consumes to our families and inter-personal relationship is devastating. Work hours if not properly managed have been instrumental to so many broken homes in some part of the world, it has negatively influenced parents children relationship in some homes and also in many cases affected the relationship we share with our loved one. This is why there is a need for job flexibility and really doing what you love doing. Robert T. Kiyosaki made it understandable in one of his books that the most significant way to work happily is when you are working for yourself. He stated that working for yourself provides better job security than working for other people.

Let’s take a reflection on the life an independent professional versus the life of an employee:

An independent professional in this context is one who owns a business or renders some kind of expertise or advisory and skilled related services to others and he earns his income through that while an employee in this context is one who works for another person and earns his income through that. An independent professional set the terms of his services while an employee follows the instructions and directives given to him. An independent professional has autonomous in the decision making process of the business while an employee carries out the decision when it is made. An independent professional set his time for work and manage it himself while an employee’s work time is determined and managed by the employer. An independent professional manages the total income of the business while an employee receives salary or wage as the case may be.

If we go on and on making list of the comparison, you will find out that the list is almost unending but one thing is quite clear with the list we already have; the advantages of an independent professional is greater that the advantages of an employee.

How do one move from being an employee to an independent professional?

Firstly, I would like to point out that it is not all independent professional are wealthy, some are just able to provide their needs but the trade in is enabling them to have more time and freedom for themselves as well as flexibility of work. And so, in becoming an independent professional, the first thing to do is to identify that job or project that gives you happiness, then you put into consideration other factors you want to manage around it (like spouse, family, children, health, peers and so on). When you are able to figure this out and incorporate it with the factors you have, then you are set to become an independent professional.

The decision of this article is yours to make; do you want to continue as an employee and enjoy the little you can get? Or do you want to become an independent professional and enjoy the freedom and flexibility associated with?